6 advices to be a successful coworker !

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You are an independant worker, a freelance or a student and you are interested by coworking ? Perfect ! Coolwork wrote an article with some good advices to become an effective coworker .

#1 Find your workspace

First step, you have to find the coworking corresponding to you, in which you will feel home. That’s why it’s important to try many of them, do not hesitate to visit 3, 4 or 5 different coworking and attend to the « open house day » in order to check by yourself if there is a team and a motivating atmosphere.

#2 Take time to adapt yourself

Once your workspace finded, take time to install your office. Introduce yourself and take time to know each cowokers. Examine and respect coworking rules in order to live in community with a positive atmosphere.

#3 Be flexible and open to dialogue

Actually, coworking is base on the exchange and mutual aid. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Howeover, be careful to not disturb your collegue every minutes. One more thing, be ready to participate to events, conferences, lunches, aperitifs …

#4 Be assiduous

Even if this is already evident, being present afford to a coworker all the benefits of a workspace, events and trainings for example. In one word this provide to stay current in many areas.

#5 Be proactive

Do not hesitate to propose your different ideas regarding a training or a topic concerning a conference for example. It’s one of the golden rules within a coworking .

#6 Be reative

In a coworking, we work together and help each other in their work and project. Mutual aid and collaboration demand essentially reactivity and fiability. Take time to help your collegues.

Coworking in COOLWORK is like a family, we laugh, we work, we share and help each other staying cool !

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