Coworker at Coolwork- Interview Kévin from NCP Consult

Kévin from NCP Consult

1.Who are you?

Kata Charles Kévin Capet, a 20-year-old young boy, is doing an internship for NCP Consult at Coolwork. We call him Kévin as first three are all his first name.

Regarding education background, Kévin finished his High school study at Cours Lamartine in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, specializing in Sciences. Then, he went to IPAG Business School, doing a 5-year program(Bachelor+Master). For this program, Kévin spent his first year in Ivory Coast’s campus, and now he is studying and living in Nice. Actually, he is planning to achieve his third year study in UK, specializing in Finance.

About work experience, Kévin has worked for a travel agency named SDV Voyages ,dealing with reservation, CRM and after-sales services.

When it comes to interests and hobbies, the first answer came out from Kévin’s mouth was football. Indeed, he likes watching football games, knowing everything related to football, for instance, statistics, players, teams…etc. Besides, he likes reading, playing table tennis and watching TV shows.


2.What are you working on?

Kévin and his boss from NCP Consult

(Kévin and his boss Charles from NCP Consult)


NCP Consult is a yachting company that directly put in relation the broker and the central agent, reducing additional intermediaries, when it comes to negotiation to rent a boat or buy one. All the boats listed on the website “belongs” to the central agent.

Kévin worked as a Commercial Assistant , his daily tasks consist of:
Update social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
Write and send newsletters;
Manage the website;
Assist in the preparation of client files;
Help clients to put their Yachts online;
Find new ideas to promote website in order to be awareness and increase the reputation;
Find new contacts and update the database;
Participate in the definition of the marketing strategy;
Monitor and analyze the strategy.

3.How do you like Coolwork?

“I think it is great.I do not know how I am supposed to comment it, it is the first time for me to have worked at a coworking space. In fact, I have been here for only two weeks, while I found it more relaxing compared to work at a traditional office. What is more, we can do what we want, for example, we can have a cup of tea or coffee or even have a meal at the cuisine. In addition, people here are really friendly.
In a word, I would say it is positive to work at Coolwork.” Kévin said.

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