As independant workers, freelances, telecommuters, students are also attracted by the new working space called « coworking » !

As you already know, in a workspace like this, the keyword is « collaboration », we share our knowledge, our good deals and spots. In one word we help each other and it’s the reason why the new generations are seducted.

In particular the futur entrepreneurs looking for an original work space with a new and dynamic learning process.

What are the different advantages for the students ?

In this same place, students will get the chance to work with different coworkers, telecommuters, programmers etc.

By the way, they will have access to new technologies, new learning processes which will encourage them to become more polyvalent, to create their own experiences, to train them and to provide them professional network.

Trying your luck in such workspace is above all insert a new community of workers with different knowledges and capacities who work together to achieve their goals. You will meet those kind of opportunities only within a coworking !

If you study in the French Riviera and you look for a coworking as warm as the cafeteria of your university located in Villeneuve-Loubet with a sea view … Coolwork is happy to welcome you !


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