Feel at home in France with coworking

So you say you want to come and live in France ? Coworking

Why not, not bad idea ! We all know that living in France brings expats a life full of culture, entertainment and of course experience. Before starting you have to know (if you don’t already know haha) that France is a part of European Union which capital is Paris, the City of Light, Love and Fashion… France is also renowned as one of the world’s cultural country and offers cultural activities in cuisine, history, education, « haute couture », arts and coworking !

Indeed France is home to a number of expats who sometimes live there or have a second house in order to spend time with their family during summer holidays for example. So, French people are used to welcome expats in their country. Concerning the number of foreign residents in France, they are presently estimated 4.3 million expats living in France mostly are European citizen.


In fact, people are often suprised to see that the price of consumer goods are overall on a par with all the prices found in other countries members of EU despite of high levels of value added tax on those products. There are also many ways to manage your life habit and reduce your cost of living, for example :

  • the coworking : what it is ?

Is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in :

  • shared spaces
  • 24/7 access
  • Wi-Fi
  • reservable, rentable conference and/or board rooms
  • communcal printer/fax
  • shared kitchens, bathrooms and lounges

Many expats establish in France their own businesses or become freelance workers or telecommuters in different areas such as graphism, webmarketing, design and work within a coworking.

At COOLWORK, we saw a number of benefits for coworkers. Indeed, expats take advantage from the local coworkers experiences. They can help them with administration tasks, find a mobile operator, right a letter, buy a car or a house and find good spots ! With COOLWORK you can also chose to work at distance with no distractions, grow your business faster and expand your personal and professional integration, be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals, be more creative and productive. Thanks to the coworking in general, you can also reduce your expenses and opt for an efficient cost.


The sole official language of the country is french of course but the second language learned is english. If you do not get a french speaking ability is not a lost, do not worry ! There is many formation you can do to learn french language fast as www.ofii.fr


  • identify areas to live in adapted to your financial feasability and lifestyle.
  • look at the local school
  • seek out expert help
  • prepare yourself for the new culture and avoid stereotypes
  • find the right places to go out with your family
  • relocate with minimum stress

And of course, come and try COOLWORK ! 😉




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