Want To Join Coworking?-Five Advices To Start Your Coworking life

Coworking life

We have always heard from someone at somewhere like ‘coworking is the future’, ‘coworking has changed my life’… and etc. Those sound really attractive, don’t they?


Now we ourself might want to try this new way described as the future ourselves. But how?


Here we list several ways of starting a coworking life.


  1. Find your suitable space

It is always important to get something most suitable for you instead of the so-called ‘best’,   as  the most suitable for you is the best.

So we suggest you to visit your liked spaces before you sign up. Maybe you could take location, transport, amenities, price, environment… to consideration when visiting.


  1. Say hello

When you are new to somewhere, say hello is a pretty good way to start your social and communication. And it is perfect if you can learn the local way saying hello. As a local greeting way could decrease the feeling of distance, making people closer to each other.


  1. Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself to others is extremely significant when you come to a new place. Especially when you want to join a community. Tell people who you are, where you come from and what you do is the beginning to create a relation with others. By doing so, people can call you and can know which topic to talk with you.


  1. Ask

Never being too shy to ask. Everyone could understand that you needs to know something when you are new there. Definitely everyone is willing to answer you either the right answer or the right one from who you can get the answer. However, if you do not ask, people cannot give you information you wanted. Therefore, ask someone for help politely if necessary.


  1. Take time

Different people needs different amount of time when they settle in a new place. While one thing is for sure, everyone needs time to do so. Thus, take time to adapt yourself is essential.


If you live between Nice and Cannes, or at exactly Villeneu Loubet, we suggest you to start your coworking life at Coolwork.

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