Why .IO is an opportunity for startups ?

Maybe you already asked yourself why Coolwork is using a domain name extension different than the others company … Good question, to answer this question, Coolwork wrote for you an article which explain what you must know about « .IO ».

In olden days… « .COM » and « .NET » were the most popolar domain name entension… Until « .IO » has been created…

You are a new startup with a restricted budget and you need to increase your notoriety ? You guys are in the right place at the right time !


We will start with a little history lesson, « .IO » exist since 1997 and was assigned at the beggining to the Indian Ocean, Territory and is considerated today as one of th emost popolar domain name extensions for startups ? The question is why ?

With this recent extension, startups can get the name they want, because « .IO » has a great availability. It can also be a better option than create your company with a long and confusing domain name that needs an exepensive premium domains for example.

In one word, « .IO » is an easy way to get a great domain at the best price using its different benefits.

The benefits of using a « .IO » domain name extension :

  • First of all, it’s just starting to become popular, so you can get the name you want for your website.
  • Google considerate « .IO » as « .COM » or « .NET ».
  • This name extension is easy to remember.
  • The last and the funniest : you can create cool domain hacks with « .IO » as for example «pinocch.io » or « scenar.io ».

What else ?

Why does « .IO » became popular ? Hmm just because he is available and not expensive !

So what are you waiting to try it with Coolwork ?

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